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Why Choose HP Travel and Tours?

Three big reasons to pick us:

We Craft Truly Tailor-made Adventures
We craft your holiday to suit you. Many of our competitors offer so-called ‘tailor-made’ holidays, but in reality push you towards off-the-shelf packages. Our clients enjoy the fact they can create a truly bespoke experience complete with the perfect itinerary at no extra cost. And we’ll amend the details until you’re 100% happy.

We’re Experts on this part of the World
Many travel companies claim to be specialists but dilute their expertise by covering most of the world. We know our countries extremely well, having either lived, or extensively visited, their shores. For over a decade we’ve further honed and developed our knowledge and expertise, making us veritable specialists. As a result, we’ve forged excellent relationships with local partners and source unique experiences, boutique hotels and the very best guides for you, while operating with each community’s interests at heart.

There are no hidden extras and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for
We want you to have a realistic idea of how much your trip will cost – entry fees, taxes, transport, meals and all. In contrast, many travel agents do everything possible to ensure the quote looks less expensive, leaving you to pick up the extras later on. What’s more, you can alter our itineraries at no extra cost, something other companies either don’t allow or won’t adjust the price for. We’ll continue to make amendments until you’re completely happy and raring to go ahead. We can also help you make savings if you need us to get that overall cost down.